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General Manager

Charged with extolling the virtues of Nothing But to anyone who’ll listen, John is responsible for getting more people trying and buying the range.

And he must be doing something right because even his 15-year-old son has given our healthy snacks a whirl – and we all know getting teenagers to do anything you ask them is a virtually impossible task.

Brimming with experience, John has spent more years than he cares to remember working in the food and drink industry, mainly in pubs, which apparently has plenty of upsides. We can’t possibly imagine what they are...



Marketing Manager

Organiser extraordinaire Laura comes with a major in efficiency and a boundless supply of marketing savvy. She’s responsible for raising the Nothing But brand profile – ensuring that all you lovely people out there know who we are and what we do.

But how does she do it?! We hear you cry. Well, creating engaging social media content that gets you guys tweeting and hashtagging all over the shop is one way. Making sure we’ve got a busy schedule of exciting events planned, year in year out, is another. And another is…wait…we’ll leave it there for now, we don’t want to let you in on all Laura’s secrets to success now do we?