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Mange Tout
& Red Pepper

Mange Tout & Red Pepper Snack

Mange tout is French for ‘eat everything’ and red pepper is lovely and …ooh la la…would you look at that…an empty packet of Nothing But. We just knew you couldn’t resist this très healthy snack.

It’s really no wonder, because who wouldn’t be tempted by two of the world’s healthiest foods? Both boast impressive quantities of Vitamins A, B6 and C – pretty much an entire alphabet’s worth of goodness!

One of your 5-a-day
 Only 26 calories

We hope you love Nothing But. We prepare it with care to make sure Nothing But the water is removed, here's how:

We freeze them
Evaporate the water
Lock in the goodness

Want to know more about the freeze drying process?


Freeze dried mange tout (50%), freeze dried red pepper (50%).

Snack facts

 Per 100gPer pack
Energy (kJ)1378110
Energy (kcal)32826
Fat (g)2.40.2
- of which saturates (g)0.60.05
Carbohydrate (g)453.6
- of which sugars (g)373.0
Fibre (g)252.0
Protein (g)171.4
Salt (g)0.0400.003

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