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Strawberry &
Banana Snack

Strawberry & Banana Snack

We reckon whichever genius came up with this now classic combo must still be revelling in their own brilliance, because even Kate and Wills don’t come close to the ultimate power couple that is strawberry and banana.

Sweet, perfectly packaged and rich (in vitamins), this healthy snack is the epitome of fruit royalty and can be enjoyed wherever one is, and whenever one pleases. Whether one’s travelling via horse and carriage, attending to one’s crown jewels, or simply walking one’s herd of corgis.

One of your 5-a-day
Only 34 calories

We hope you love Nothing But. We prepare it with care to make sure Nothing But the water is removed, here's how:

We freeze them
Evaporate the water
Lock in the goodness

Want to know more about the freeze drying process?


Freeze dried strawberry (66%), freeze dried banana (34%).

Snack facts

 Per 100gPer pack
Energy (kJ)1466147
Energy (kcal)33734
Fat (g)20.2
- of which saturates (g)0.30.03
Carbohydrate (g)636.3
- of which sugars (g)595.9
Fibre (g)131.3
Protein (g)70.7
Salt (g)0.030.003

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