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BBC Good Food Eat Well Show

The Premium Snack Company, a new subsidiary of international food ingredients supplier, Chaucer, is heading down to London to showcase their new healthy snacks, ‘Nothing But’ at BBC Eat Well this week.

The three day, ‘BBC Good Food Eat Well Show’ is the first of its kind and will be hosted at Olympia, London from 27th Feb to 1st March. The Premium Snack Company is attending the event to promote their new product range, ‘Nothing But’, and will be encouraging thousands of visitors to sample and buy throughout the event.

‘Nothing But’ is a range of freeze-dried fruit and vegetable snacks, available in six flavours. The product is available online, through retailers such as Wholefoods and many other independent health food retailers.

David Street, marketing manager of The Premium Snack Company said

“BBC Eat Well marks the start of an exciting programme of events and exhibitions for ‘Nothing But’. We’re really looking forward to giving health conscious consumers the chance to try all of our flavours, and to let them know where they can find us over the next few months.

“We’ve had some excellent feedback on the product so far, and we’re creating a real buzz about it online, with many people tweeting us to find out where they buy the products from.”

‘Nothing But’ is also the headline sponsor of National Vegetarian Week 2015, and will be playing a central role in a host of dedicated events in May.

To find out what the ‘Nothing But’ team is up to, follow them on Twitter:


For further information about The Premium Snack Company and the products that it offers, see or email