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Stepping into spring with SourcedBox

We’ve got a serious spring in our step this March thanks to our latest collaboration – this time with the recently launched SourcedBox, a brand new venture from blogging sensations Niomi Smart and Marcus Butler.

Healthy Snacks

An exciting new snacking initiative, SourcedBox seeks to supply customers with wholesome, healthy products delivered direct to their doorstep. Or their desk. Or basically, anywhere someone might want to tuck into a consortium of delicious and nutritious snacks!

For us, SourcedBox presented another perfect opportunity to team up with like-minded snackers who share the Nothing But ethos that, when it comes to food, Mother Nature really does know best. The products featured are entirely free from artificial ingredients and refined sugars, meaning they’re perfect for people looking for a healthy way to snack on the go.

Our Apple & Fig snack made its SourcedBox debut earlier this month and has proved a huge hit with with hoards of lucky recipients – particularly celebrity vloggers Zoella and Alfie Deyes (a.k.a Zalfie) who were both suitably astounded and impressed by the delights of freeze-dried in their latest YouTube video.

Commenting on Nothing But’s intense flavour and convenient, lightweight packet, the twosome even selected our freeze-dried fancies as one of their favourite SourcedBox picks!

Naturally, we were delighted by their lovely comments, as we were with all of the positive feedback we’ve received – it’s always great to hear from people who are as passionate about our products as we are! So, please keep your comments and questions coming by tweeting us @nothingbutsnack

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