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Worried about added sugar?

We are seeing more and more discussion in the media about high levels of refined sugar in our diet. The issue is complicated with concerns arising around high natural sugars, refined sugar and hidden sugars, indeed, it was recently revealed that in the UK we are consuming over a million tonnes a year… that’s 15 teaspoons each a day. With this in mind, do you know how much sugar you are consuming?

Discussion in the media cites refined sugar as the biggest culprit, with many of us choosing a quick and easy ready meal full of hidden sugars over something healthy, nutritious and guilt free.

Recent research also shows that the UK has seen a whopping 5.1 per cent rise in sales of snacks, and that more than ever, people are wanting to munch on something that’s easy to eat on the go. This statistic, combined with concerns around sugar and an increased awareness of healthy eating, means that healthy snacks have more of a chance to shine.

Could the answer to guilt free and satisfying snacking lie in freeze dried fruit and veg, a new snack solution, with nothing added? 


Healthy Snack


Nothing But is the UK’s first freeze dried fruit and veg snack to hit the shelves and there’s no wonder manufacturers and retailers are increasingly starting to explore the possibilities of this unique method of production.

The government recommends that every one of us should eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. Despite this recommendation, a shocking 52 in every 100 children don’t eat any vegetables, and 44 in 100 have no fruit on a daily basis. 

Nothing But can provide one of your five a day, as the process of freeze-drying loses very little of the product’s nutritional goodness or natural flavour, simply the water. The freeze-dried snack market is already well established in the U.S and Asia, and it’s clear the time is now right for the market to develop in the UK.

The prevalence of freeze-dried fruit in breakfast cereals means we’re already accustomed to its great taste. The benefits are huge compared to other drying techniques, and, with their extended shelf life, freeze dried fruits can offer a healthier option to the consumer while reducing the risk of over-supply and waste to the retailer.

Earlier this month, retail and consumer experts, IRi Worldwide, revealed snacks are on the rise, at a whopping 14.8 per cent growth in China and 5.1 per cent in the UK. In the past, freeze-dried food was reserved for NASA aficionados but thanks to repeated warnings about our expanding waistlines, these healthier snack alternatives now have a chance to shine.

We know the choices for healthy snacks can be limited for vegetarians and vegans, but all of our flavours are tasty, healthy, moreish and convenient. The bag of Sliced Beetroot & Parsnip Nothing But seems to be the favourite with our customers and the flavour certainly packs a punch. At only 36 calories a bag there is absolutely no guilt in trying them at all.

For full information and more statistics visit here.

About Nothing But & freeze drying

  • With six scrumptious flavours, these clean and healthy munchables contain no added salts, fats, sugar, colours or preservatives, are suitable for both vegetarians and are completely gluten free.
  • Freeze dried fruit contains up to 2g of fibre per ½ cup.
  • Freeze drying fruit concentrates the antioxidants it contains, which means a bigger impact on your health.
  • In contrast to dried fruit, freeze-dried fruit is not made with added sugar.