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Beetroot & Parsnip Wins Silver at FreeFrom Food Awards 2017

We’re delighted to announce that our freeze-dried Beetroot & Parsnip snack won a silver award at this year’s FreeFrom Food Awards announced in London last night!

Our crispy and delicious vegetable snacks held their own against some stiff competition; especially in an all-new category created to celebrate foods that are free from the top 14 major allergens.

The FreeFrom Food Awards celebrates excellence and innovation in the free-from food industry, and is the UK’s only industry award for free from foods. It was great to have our products recognised by some of the biggest names in the nutrition, manufacturing and cookery sectors.

As more people turn to healthier snacking options, we’re delighted that the Nothing But range is being celebrated for not only being a healthier alternative to baked and fried snacks, but also for tasting as delicious as they look!

Here’s what the judges had to say:

“Good and crisp and covers an important gap in the market for children with FPIES; good, simple and tasty. A great taste, soft texture, great clean deck – and a lovely concept for both adults and children.”

Antony Worrall Thompson, long term patron of the awards, said:

“All credit to the pioneering small producers who have followed their dreams to create wonderful freefrom foods ­– to the supermarkets who have backed them and to the FreeFrom Food Awards who have encouraged and celebrated them!”

With so many consumers making the choice to include free-from products in their diets, we’re proud that our range was such a popular choice with the judges in a highly competitive category.

It’s our aim to cater for as many customers as possible with healthier snacks that don’t compromise on taste or quality. By not containing any of the top 14 major allergens, we’re proud that our range of freeze-dried snacks are accessible to an increasing market of consumers looking to free-from foods.

So, there we have it – there’s proof in the Parsnip that our deliciously simple snacks are recognised as catering for a wide variety of different diets while remaining a convenient way to grab one of your five a day on the go!