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Just V - Show

Last weekend, the Nothing But team spent their Friday, Saturday and Sunday exhibiting to thousands of curious foodies at the Just V Show. It’s an annual consumer event collocated with the Allergy Show and Love Natural, Love Organic show, so there were a great number of varied visitors.

Healthy Snacks

It was a recurring theme throughout the three days that many consumers were actively looking for labelling that detailed ‘clean’ ingredients. Despite being surrounded by free tasters of all types of delicious foods, it was obvious that a huge number of them weren’t interested in trying the products until they had a complete understanding of the quality of ingredients. We’ve particularly noticed throughout this year that the trend continues to gain momentum for consumers to pause, and take that extra moment to understand what’s really in their packaged food, and this supports the view that there’s a definite desire for clean ingredients.

This was the perfect conversation starter for us, as our fruit and veg are simply freeze-dried, with no other ingredients added.  As proven last weekend and at many shows before it, customers tell us that they try and buy Nothing But because, “You get the taste of a fresh snack without the compromise of it being just a bit ‘healthier’, it’s a genuinely healthy alternative outright.” From a brand point of view, it’s an interesting subtle distinction that’s gaining traction amongst the masses. Combining these thoughts with customer statements like, “It’s great to be able to enjoy eating clean snacks without compromising on taste”, further demonstrates to our team that consumers really do want clean, healthy products to be available for their enjoyment.