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Supporting National Vegetarian Week

As former headline sponsors of National Vegetarian Week, we know just how important this annual set of events is, both in terms of raising awareness and advocacy of the vegetarian diet and in increasing understanding of the many health benefits following such a diet can bring.

As part of our sponsorship, one of our team went vegetarian for the week to try out a whole variety of new foods and see if he could feel the health benefits. There is no doubt that he felt much better for eating a diet packed with more vegetables than usual, but he was disappointed to find a lack of tasty options for eating on the run and snacking.

Snacking has come a long way from a time to indulge in something delicious, but not all that nutritious, into a key opportunity to build fruit and vegetables into our daily diets. In these times of ‘meat and zero veg’, one new popular area is the growth of freeze dried fruit and vegetable snacks, just like ours, which offer time-poor consumers a quick way to effective way boost their vegetable intake.

It has never been more important to raise awareness about the importance of including more vegetables in our diets as more and more headlines warn us about the widespread impact of unhealthy diets in children and the rise in our collective intake of sugar.

Nothing But offers consumers a whole range of freeze dried fruit and vegetable snacks to choose from, featuring delicious flavour combinations such as mange tout and red pepper, with each packet equating to one of the recommended five-a-day portions.

In addition to this, we’re pleased to say our range ticks a whole host of other healthy boxes – no added ingredients, sugars or sweeteners, naturally gluten free, vegan, dairy free, paleo too.

We’re wishing you a very Happy Vegetarian Week.