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BBC Good Food Eat Well Show

We spent three days at the BBC Eat Well show last week, and what fun it was!

We had a great time meeting the general public, and even some celebrities!

We even sold out of our very popular Strawberry & Banana snacks …(you all must have been hungry).

There’s a busy few months ahead of us, and our next trip is to Brighton. We will be at VegFest UK on March 28 & 29th. 

The weekend will be full of stalls, talks, films, displays and examples…. So make sure you pop along to say hello!

We’d love to hear what you think of our products, and you can take away some samples to share with your friends.

To find out which stall we will be on and what we will be up to, keep an eye out on our Twitter @Nothingbutsnack.