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Libby’s savoury cheese veggie packed muffins

There is muffin wrong with some savoury baking, in fact, we think anything with cheese is grate! Especially these savoury, cheese veggie packed muffins with Nothing But sprinkled on top!


We know some people do not carr-ot-all for veggies, but Libby’s moreish muffins are sure to change your mind! We think these tempting delights will be just perfect with a typically proper brew, or as an impressive addition to a very fancy afternoon tea..


Great British Bake Off containing Nothing But


225 SR flour 

100 mature cheddar 

1/2 chopped pepper

1 grated carrot (excess liquid squeezed out)

60g crumbled feta 

100g sweetcorn 

175ml milk

1 egg

50ml olive oil 

1 tub full fat cream cheese 

Various bags of @nothingbutsnack dried vegetables 


Preheat oven to 200c 

Mix flour, veggies and cheese in a bowl

Mix milk, egg and oil in another bowl

Combine the 2 bowls

Divide between 12 silicone or paper cases in a muffin tray

Bake for 25 mins or until a knife comes out clean

Leave to cool completely 

Transfer cream cheese into a piping bag 

Cover the tops of the muffins with the cream cheese

Decorate with @nothingbutsnack tasty dried vegetables 


For the full blog post, it’s just a hop, skip and a dunk over to Libby’s blog


Images provided by the wonderful elliemdesign and Libby (