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Sophie’s Nothing But Chocolate bananas!

This combo are as perfectly matched as strawberries and cream, cheese and biscuits, pancakes and syrup, Kanye and…. Kanye. There has never been a more heavenly or indulgent combination than chocolate than and banana – well, apart from chocolate and chocolate, but we feel much less guilty when it’s teamed with some fruit.


We didn’t need any more of a reason to try them, but then Sam has gone and excelled herself by giving us a simple, quick and delicious recipe that requires nothing more than melting, freezing, sprinkling and, of course, eating!

 GBBO Freeze Dried Healthy Snacks



Nothing But Baking!




  • Large banana
  • 130g bar of dark chocolate
  • 1 packet of Nothing But pineapple and grape snack
  • 1 packet of nothing But strawberry and banana snack



  1. Prepare your large banana by first peeling it and then with a knife cut it in half.
  2. Place a wooden skewer into each half of the banana’s.
  3. Next melt your dark chocolate.
  4. After your chocolate is melted, begin to cover your banana in chocolatey goodness!
  5. Open each of your Nothing But Snacks and start to crunch the contents of your snack and begin to sprinkle the freeze dried fruit into the chocolate covered banana.
  6. Take your banana and place them in a freezer for 2 hours.
  7. Finally, get your cup of tea, blanket, turn on your telly, take your Nothing But ice creams out of the freezer and enjoy while watching the Great British Bake off.


Mary Berry eat your heart out!